Why It Should Be Your Goal To Be Embarrassed Immediately Increase Your Focus, Attention, And Results With This One Simple Trick

Why It Should Be Your Goal To Be Embarrassed

By Brandon | Self-Improvement

Why It Should Be Your Goal To Be EmbaRrassed

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Hey, everyone, today is day four of me going live every single day and creating incredible content for you guys. So as you are learning stuff, make sure you share, comment, like, all that stuff -- really appreciated. All the feedback is incredible because the more you tell me what has been valuable for you, the more I can learn and create more valuable content in return.

So one of the things I want to talk about today, and I pulled up a very beautiful picture of myself, this is sixth grade Brandon Fong. And the reason why I wanted to bring out a picture of a little middle school Brandon is because it's so easy to look at middle school -- I don't think anybody survived middle school unscathed, I don't think that's really possible -- but we look at middle school, we're always so embarrassed. But let me ask you this question: Why are you embarrassed when you think about your middle school self, outside of the fact that you had raging hormones and all that stuff?

The reason why you look back at a past version of yourself and you're embarrassed by it is because you have grown so much more than where you were previously. And so it's really easy to look at a middle school version of yourself and be like, wow, like I was so awkward. That was a terrible time in my life. And that's easy to say. But as time goes on, what I found is that people have less milestones to look back at and say, I've grown since then.

Obviously, there's college and high school, and then after college. Then what happens is you have less and less timelines unless you are creating things and pushing beyond your comfort zone that causes you to have to perform and create things that you wouldn't have normally done before. So there's this quote, and I don't have it written down, but it's something along the lines of, "If you are not embarrassed by who you were a year ago, then you're not growing fast enough."

So I just wanted to share this because obviously I just committed to creating these Facebook lives every single day. And if you don't think that I'm intimidated to say that I can create content every single day, then that's a complete lie. And if you don't think it's intimidating for me to say that I have a goal to hit seven figures by May 15th of next year while prioritizing my health and relationships and creating insanely valuable content for people, that's intimidating.

And so the reason why I am making these huge commitments and why I am creating all this accountability around me creating these things is because I want to look back at a past version of myself, I want to look back at this video right now, the videos that I created and say, "Brandon, those were terrible", because that means that I have grown past and ascended to a new level of growth.

One of the things I feel like holds so many people back from actually achieving growth in their life is because they never actually start and they're too afraid. They need to have everything perfect. But the thing is, is that it is never going to be perfect and you are better off starting and adding value or doing the things that you feel like you are called to do and then look back and be like, wow, I'm so glad I started because of how much I've grown. A perfect example of this is I wrote a book in college and I look back at this thing right now, and some people have been very, very, very impacted by this book, but I look at it like this thing is terrible -- not terrible, I should say that it's a good book, but I look at it, and I'm like, I have become such a better writer. I have so much more experience that I can share, so many more valuable stories I can tell inside of this that would help people get even more results. But the thing is, if I had never published this book, I would have never been able to look back and say that I've grown.

Those are some things I want to challenge you to think about: are you pushing outside of your comfort zone? Are you creating things where you can look back in a year and say, wow, I am embarrassed because of how much I've grown and how much I have learned as a result of going in and stepping out of my comfort zone and doing the things that I felt like I was supposed to do? ​

There's two other things that I wanted to mention on the topic. The first thing is being able to surround yourself with people that can give you valid feedback on the stuff that you are producing that you will inevitably become embarrassed by. And one of the examples I want to give is one of my mentors, Jewels Duncan. She is helping me create this incredible content that I'm going to be producing for you guys. She helps me with all the stuff that I'm creating. But basically I wrote this this long-form sales copy, and I talked about copy the other day, and I thought it was incredible.

And I still think it is really, really good, but Jewels looked at and she recorded me a 30 minute video and she just tore it apart and just destroyed it and said you can do so much better. And I don't know if I'm weird, but I looked at that and I was so grateful that that happened because it gave me another opportunity to grow. It gave me another opportunity to get better.

One of the challenges as you step out of your comfort zone and as you begin creating these things where you can look back and say, wow, I'm so glad I started and I'm embarrassed by it now, but I've grown so much, it is also important to simultaneously have people in your life that can help push you to new levels of growth and give you feedback to accelerate the amount of growth that you're going to have. So that is one of the things.

The final thing that I will say on this topic is the idea of having public commitment. So I said in the beginning, I am creating this group called 7-Figure Millennials -- I'll link it up, it's still not set up yet -- but the part of the reason, the selfish reason, besides wanting to help people and add an insane amount of value, why I'm creating this stuff is because it has public commitment for me to grow, because people are watching me.

So that is another element. If you're looking at adding even more fuel to the fire and having even more growth is if you can publicly commit to saying what you're going to do and then you are letting people down if you don't actually accomplish that. So when I actually did write this book, I set a crazy goal to publish it in a very short timeline. It was like five months, maybe even shorter than that, to write a whole book.

So I made that public and I made sure that I was telling everybody about my goals. And not only is it powerful to share your goals with other people, but it holds that extra level of accountability that people are watching you and people are making sure that you need to do it, otherwise you fail. So I am putting it on the line. I want to share this content with you guys. I want to share my goals with you guys.

And even if I don't achieve the goal at the end, I know that I will have done everything possible to actually make that a reality. And you guys are going to come along the journey and learn from all the things, all the screw ups, all the things that I've done well, so that you can have even quicker success in the things that you were going to create.

In summary, what I wanted to talk about today, when you look at your middle school version of yourself, you're embarrassed. It's because you've changed a lot since then. And the question I have for you is, are you stepping out of your comfort zone or are you creating things where in a year from now you will look back at and be like, wow, I'm embarrassed at how where I was in the beginning? My goal is to look at this video a year from now, 10 years from now, and be like, I'm so glad I started, but I'm embarrassed.

But you need to get started in the very beginning. Otherwise, you are never going to actually be able to say that because you never started in the first place. So hopefully that was very valuable for you. Again, if you are finding value in these, please like, comment, share, give me some feedback, so I can create more valuable content. If you have questions you can DM me, you can comment on these videos for things that you might want me to share a little bit more about, but I'm going to be creating one of these every single day, documenting the journey.

And I'm so grateful for all of you guys. We'll talk soon.