The World’s Changing: Here’s How To Come Out On Top Immediately Increase Your Focus, Attention, And Results With This One Simple Trick

The World’s Changing: Here’s How To Come Out On Top

By Brandon | Self-Improvement

The World's Changing: Here's how to come out on top

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, this is Brandon Fong here, and I wanted to hop on Facebook Live to share something that I think is incredibly valuable for people that are not OK with the status quo. And in today's situation, where things are crazy, where when we wake up a few months from now, the world is not going to be the same that it was. And I know that we all have big dreams, and I truly believe that there has never been a bigger or better time to realize them.

So if you're watching this right now, that means your eyeballs are on social media. And the thing that made me want to go live right now is because I think when we are on social media, it's kind of a warped reality that we're a part of. We look at people's lives. They're perfect. There's a million likes on everything and it gives us all these dopamine hits and we're comparing ourselves to them. And I think today with the quarantine going on, it's kind of in a sense like masked this warped reality a little bit.

And it's just shown you that everybody at the end of the day is a human being. If you go on any any celebrity's social media platforms, you just search them on Facebook -- Terry Crews, Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel -- they're all at home right now. They're putting their pants on just like you, they're using toilet paper if they can find it. And at the end of the day, it's like these are all human beings. And here's why I'm bringing this up, is because so many people put these celebrities up on a pedestal and they treat them as somebody that's different and not on the same playing field as you and I.

But you know what? That's not true. They're just real human beings. And you have the ability to speak to anybody and to connect to anybody and to leverage their knowledge to get to where you want to go much faster if you know how to do it. And when you can speak to anybody, you really have the power to unlock anything that you want in your life. So, story I want to share really quickly. And this is just going to be a quick I want to share a few stories here, and I'm going to give you some very actionable things that you can do to begin to connect with people who are exactly where you want to be.

So a little bit of context on my background. One of my least favorite memories of growing up was the school lunch at middle school because I would go to the lunch checkout line, all my friends would be behind me, and when it was my turn to go through the line, I would put in my code and a big zero would show up on my screen showing that my family qualified for free and reduced lunch.

And back then I was so frustrated at everything. I was frustrated at my parents. I was frustrated at the situation. But eventually I turned that into gratitude. I became grateful for everything my parents were doing, grateful for the situation, grateful that I had to learn how to succeed no matter what the environment was. Because in today's society, this is a crazy new environment. We have to learn how to adapt. So if you fast forward to today, I've been able to do some pretty cool things.

I've been very blessed. I'm a published author. I've traveled to twenty three different countries with my fiancee. I took one of the top prizes on my state's version of Shark Tank. I've been blessed to network with some of the world's most successful people. And actually at the age of 22, I networked my way into a mastermind that costs twenty five thousand dollars a year to attend. It's one of the world's highest end masterminds out there and some of the world's greatest thought leaders are in there just hanging out.

I was able to do all of this going from a situation where I didn't have much at all because I learned how to connect with people, and learning how to connect with people, I believe, is one of the key skills that anybody needs to know who is looking to level up and use this whole situation as an opportunity to grow. So that's why I wanted to share some very strategic things on how to do that, because if you compare if I had gone the traditional route, I learned how to connect with people who are exactly where I wanted to be and I was able to jumpstart my career and literally have people that I respected that were fighting over me to work with them. And that only really happens if you know how to have the right connections and utilize those connections in the right way. And maybe you don't want a job right now. Maybe you're not looking to do that. But I guarantee that you are just one connection away from connecting with somebody that can solve a huge problem in your life.

And that is what I want to equip you with today: to show you something very actionable that you can take to begin to connect with these kinds of people that are exactly where you want to be.

So when I was just getting started, I started by doing things the hard way. And this is the way I think so many people start. You know, it's like the traditional prescribed path, right? Go to school, get a job, work the best years of your life, and then retire. And what I kind of hated about that whole notion as I was going through it is I felt like I constantly had to wait to get what I wanted.

I had to wait to get the diploma, wait to get the raise, wait to climb the corporate ladder. Wait, wait, wait. And you know what I discovered? I discovered that you don't have to wait anymore. There's something that you can begin doing right now to get to exactly where you want to go, because there are people that want to help you get there if you know how to ask asterisk. So today I wanted to share my favorite strategy that I used to connect with incredibly successful people.

Literally no strings attached, I just think that this is something that people need to know and understand how to do. So I want to start by telling a really quick story about when I was in one of those Genius  Network meetings, that meeting that I said was one of the highest level masterminds out there. I had the opportunity of listening and learning directly from Dean Graziosi -- for those of you who don't know Dean Graziosi, go to his page and you'll get all of his ads all over the place -- but he's a huge, successful author, New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur.

And at this meeting, Dean was specifically sharing his strategies for hiring people. And my ears kind of perked up because I'm in Genius Network. I was the youngest person in the room. I was twenty two years old when I first started in Genius Network. And so I'm sitting in a room with these very, very successful people. And so my ears perked up when he started talking about this because I love sharing these strategies that I think can help anybody no matter what side of the career you're in, but to connect with the kind of people that you need to connect with.

So Dean said in any business, there are three different kinds of people you can hire. There's people that find problems and point them out. There's people that find problems and come up with solutions. And there's people that find problems, come up with solutions, and report back when it's solved. And Dean talked specifically about how in his business he will only hire people that are the third kind of person, the people that find problems, come up with solutions, and report back when it's solved.

When you learn how to position yourself as this third kind of person, you instantly become one of the most valuable people in any company. And, like I said, I want to make this apply to anybody. It doesn't have to be about getting a job specifically. At the end of the day, if you want to connect with somebody, it depends on being able to provide value to somebody and how can you show up as a giver in someone's life and add value to them so that they want to connect with you?

It's the same thing. It's not a business context, but how can you find problems that they're having in their life, come up a solution? Maybe you're introducing them to somebody else. Maybe you're coming up with and introducing them to a new concept. Whatever it is, whoever you're trying to connect with, there's a way that you can begin to add value and show up in a way that makes them want to help you as well. And just one other point on this topic.

One of my mentors that has helped me so much in my career is Jonathan Levi. I think he said it best when he said that in any and every growing brand, the reality within is one of coordinated chaos. It's really easy for us to go on somebody's website, to go on their social media, and it looks all perfect on the outside. But then you go on the inside and you realize that they have growing pains that they're going through right now, as well.

And it's like I said, it's the same thing for people's personal lives. So I do entire trainings on how to discover these key points that you can begin to help with -- I don't really have time to do that on this Facebook Live, maybe I'll pass them out in future trainings. But for the purposes of this Facebook Live, I think people really need to understand two things. One, you need to be the kind of person, if you want to connect with successful people, who finds problems, comes up with solutions, and reports back when it's solved.

And the other thing that you need to understand is that in any and every growing brand, or maybe not a brand, but someone's personal life, it's kind of a coordinated chaos. And anybody that can show up and solve the problems becomes instantaneously valuable and you can begin to connect with anybody. Back when I was just getting started, I didn't realize that you could connect with people. In today's connected age, it's crazy because we almost don't realize that you can connect with these people and they're just one email away, one message away, one request away from you destroying current barriers that you have in your life and connecting with somebody that can help you get to where you want to go.

So when I had that realization, it was just mind blowing to me that this is something that is very easy to do if you just know how to do it. So now that we kind of talked about the three different ways and how you can begin to add value to people, here's the next thing. The next problem is, even if you have solved their problem, if you've never connected with them to begin with and even if it's the most life changing thing in the world for them, how can you reach out to them in a way that gets noticed?

You know, there are busy people, maybe the successful people you want to reach out to have millions of emails, maybe they have a gatekeeper or somebody that helps them sort through their emails. So how can you get through in a way that they will notice? This is a really cool strategy I want to share with you guys.

It's been very powerful in my life. And I want to start by explaining a story.

There was a boy a long time ago. He was 16 years old and he knew that he wanted to be a successful writer. And it turned out that his brother owned a print shop that distributed the newspaper in the town that he lived in. So he went up to his brother and was like, hey, bro, like, I love writing. I want to publish some stuff. Can I publish up in the newspaper? And he's like, you're 16 years old. Like, why? Like, no, sorry. And so he tried and tried and tried and he could not get his work out to test and in front of the people that he wanted to read his message. So then he came up with an idea and he was like, well, if 16 year old me can't get in, what if I made up somebody else and I used their name and I published underneath their name.

So this 16 year old boy came up with a persona and this person he named Silence Dogood. This was an older, widowed woman and he began writing letters as Silence Dogood. And then what he would do is he would write the letter and then slip the letter underneath the door of the print shop overnight when they wouldn't see him and they would wake up and they would see this letter from Silence Dogood. And they liked him and they began to publish them, and Silence Dogood became one of the most popular columns in the entire newspaper, so much so that guys would ask to marry Silence Dogood when really it was a 16 year old boy. So, OK, I'm going to add a lot of context as to what this whole situation means. My first question is, who do you think this person was? He was a very, very important person. I'll give you a hint. He's a really good friend of yours when you have him.

His name is Benjamin Franklin. So Benjamin Franklin was this person that was trying to get his ideas found for the first time and he couldn't get his name out and he was finally able to do it when he came up with the Silence Dogood strategy. We all know how important Benjamin Franklin is. So how can we apply this in our lives?

When I first tried to connect with people that were successful, I began to say, hey, I'm going to go and I'm just going to approach them directly and see what happens. And then, nobody would notice. But that was just like Benjamin Franklin, right? He was trying to try all these different things. And his brother wouldn't publish him. And the modern day equivalent, like I said, is you just don't get your emails noticed.They get thrown right in the trash. 

So what can you do? What is the sneaky way to work around to get your ideas through to the person that you actually want to get them through to? Here's the strategy that I use -- I look at whoever I'm trying to connect with and instead of trying to connect directly with that person, I begin to develop a relationship with somebody who works closely with that person. And I begin to establish relationship with them and I will begin to pass the value that I discovered through researching their brand -- and again, this is a Facebook Live, I don't have that much time to talk about how we can do all these kinds of things. But basically, you identify all these areas you can help and then you can begin to pass your ideas through to the person that works with the person that you want to connect with. If you did your work correctly, it is inevitable that they will pass the knowledge that you just gave that person directly to the person that you wanted to connect with.

So it's kind of a super sneaky way of getting your ideas in front of somebody without actually having to reach out to them. And the thing is that the team members or their assistants or whoever it is, they're really easy to access. They respond to their emails, they respond to their messages. They're not getting bombarded.

This is a way to level the playing field and you can begin to connect with people that you didn't think that you might be able to connect with before. 

I want to make sure that this is relevant for as many people as possible. If you're not trying to connect with some influencer or somebody that you want to learn from, this is very easy to also use when you're trying to find a job. Think about how most people go about it, right? You craft up your resume, you make it look all perfect, and then you submit it to some online portal, and it lands on the desk of somebody with a stack of other resumes that looked just like yours. It doesn't matter how good your resume is, you're playing the wrong game if you're submitting your stuff this way and you're in the stack. 

The other way, using the Silence Dogood methodology or what Benjamin Franklin did, is instead of playing this game where you're just another piece of paper in a big stack, you connect with somebody, maybe a manager that you might be working or somebody that's a little bit higher up in the company. I'll link to some resources in this Facebook Live on specific ways that you can do this, a blog post that I've detailed out with email scripts and all that stuff for you guys. Instead of doing the old way of just putting your stuff in this pile, what if you developed this relationship and you again showed how much value you can add to the company to this person that you might eventually be working with, then what they do is a no brainer.

They will go to the person that's in charge of hiring and give you the recommendation. And you don't even have to submit your name in this pile where you'll probably never get noticed. How many of you just had an aha moment right there? There are smarter ways of doing things if you're willing to challenge the traditional notions of what people think. And again, I believe that in this crazy time the world is not going to be the same as it used to be after after all this is over. 

The world is shifting. The way that people are finding jobs is shifting. We're moving to a place where it's mostly digital. People are going to be working from home more than often. And this was a huge kick start to launch this whole new way of work in the world. If you want any hope of coming out on top, we cannot think the same way that we used to think before. I think the thing that I had that I just really made me want to hop on and talk to you is just like it's so easy to just put people on a pedestal, but today, more than ever, we're realizing we're all human. We're all going to die one day. We're all finding toilet paper. These are all things that that make us human together. And I think it's made me realize how powerful the message is to come to that understanding. 

When I first understood that the people I looked up to, the people that I wanted to work with, I could have them as peers if I learned how to approach them correctly. The traditional way does not work, the traditional way is frustrating. The traditional way takes a lot of time. The traditional way requires lots of waiting. And you don't have to wait if you are somebody who is sick of the status quo. If you want to come out on top of this thing, all you have to do is think smarter. So like I said, I'm going to link up a few of the resources I mentioned in this post.

I just am so grateful for this situation. And I think that it's going to be a huge opportunity. And I'm excited to continue to create content that is going to help people. So stay tuned and I'll talk to you guys soon.