On this page, I'm going to share an (embarrassing) story that I used to keep hidden from everyone.

It's short...

And it's important to tell because this story is really about YOU. You'll see why in a minute.

It all starts in 6th grade at Wisconsin Hills Middle School...


September 2007
11:33 AM
Wisconsin Hills Middle School
Every day at 11:33 AM my stomach started churning.

The lunch bell rang, and the halls flooded with herds of obnoxious 6th graders hurrying to lunch.

But if you looked close enough, you’d see one student lagging behind.
That student was me...

... because I HATED going to lunch.

Here’s why:

After weaving through the lunch line with my plastic tray loaded with chicken nuggets, I’d end up at the checkout line.

I’d type in my student ID.

The lunch lady would punch some buttons.

Then, the computer screen would change to show this:

Brandon Fong: $0.00

Every. Single. Day...
I was reminded that my family didn’t make enough money.

Every. Single. Day...
I was reminded my food was free because we needed help.

Every. Single. Day... 
I’d associate those zeros with my forming 12-year-old identity.

THAT is why I hated going to lunch.

I hated the reminder. I didn’t want my friends to find out. And mostly... I hated seeing zeros next to my name.

But as I look back at it today... I view that experience as one of the greatest things that ever happened to me.


(Even When The Odds Are Stacked Against You)

As a 12-year-old, I learned one of the most powerful lessons to learn:

As Tony Robbins teaches, I learned that being successful doesn’t require resources...

... if you want to be successful, it requires resourcefulness.

My INCREDIBLE parents knew this. 

They taught me the ultimate way to be resourceful.

It wasn’t learning how to sell...

It wasn’t becoming an entrepreneur...

It wasn’t being a fast learner...

Yes, those are all important. 

But the real “secret sauce” that they taught me was learning how to deeply connect and develop real, authentic, and meaningful relationships with people.

In fact, they took this so seriously that they let me skip class when I was 16 to attend local networking events.

I learned how to add value to people who were literally 4x my age.

With the skill of connection in hand, I began to learn that it didn’t matter what hand I was dealt. 

As long as I could keep my optimistic energy level high, think creatively, and connect with the right people, I could win.

How ONE Connection Can Change EVERYTHING...

Fast forward to my senior year of college.

Using my connection skills, I reached out to a successful entrepreneur named Jonathan Levi.

At the time, Jonathan had 150,000+ students in his online courses, 1.5M downloads on his podcast, and a popular TEDx talk.

And that ONE connection with Jonathan changed EVERYTHING.

With Jonathan’s support, over the next 3 years, I...
  • Ran the company’s 7-figure marketing operation (helped add 100K+ students, 1.5M+ podcast downloads, and 15K+ YouTube subs) 
  • ​Traveled the world for an entire year with my wife while growing the business remotely
  • ​Launched my first ever online product that generated $44,738 in one week
On top of that, Jonathan got me into Genius Network ($25K/yr mastermind filled with elite millionaires) where I met even more incredibly successful entrepreneurs:


My experiences over the past few years have taught me three main things:
  • At any point in time, you're only ONE connection away from a massive explosion in your life and career. 
  • ​Magic happens when you approach relationships the right way
  • Many high 6 and 7+ figure entrepreneurs have many unrealized assets and unconverted leads sitting in their business... and they leave a lot of opportunity on the table to help more people.

    What I do is help them leverage those assets to get more clients. And just like what I learned with my experience working with Jonathan, even one relationship can be truly transformational... but I give entrepreneurs the superpower to uncover dozens of new clients every month.

You’ve read my story. So you know a bit about me. 

On the other hand...

I’m writing this at 7 AM while sitting at my desk... in my PJs... and sipping on my morning coffee...
... and I, unfortunately, know nothing about you.

I’d like to change that :)

But first, I need to know a bit more about you so that I can figure out how I can help.

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