My Plan For World Domination (Just Kidding. Or Am I? 🤔) Immediately Increase Your Focus, Attention, And Results With This One Simple Trick

My Plan For World Domination (Just Kidding. Or Am I? 🤔)

By Brandon | Self-Improvement

My Plan For World Domination

(Just Kidding. Or am I? 🤔)

Video Transcript

Hey everyone. Time for day three of my streak in creating a Facebook live every single day. So if you haven't watched the previous ones yet, make sure to do that. I made some big announcements as far as what I'm focused on and my huge, crazy, audacious goal, and that is to hit seven figures in my business by May 15th, 2021, while prioritizing my health and my relationships and then also serving people. I have this quote every single day that I stare at, it's, "Become a millionaire, not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it."

So this group that I'm creating, it's called the 7-Figure Millennials. I literally just linked to the Facebook group below. I haven't even started it yet. So I'm figuring out my plan as I go along, something along those lines. So there's no graphic or anything to the group. If you guys want in, I'm going to be sharing some exclusive content in the group, it's going to be so much fun. So that link is below.

Today I wanted to share a little bit about my strategy and what I've learned from working with some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs. So I'm wearing my shirt today for Genius Network. For those of you who haven't heard of what Genius Network is, I was very blessed to have worked with Jonathan. And Jonathan got into Genius Network and then also got me into Genius Network. So if you don't know what Genius Network is, it is a mastermind that costs twenty five thousand dollars a year to attend, and you need to be making at least seven figures to be inside of Genius Network. There are some incredibly cool people. I've learned some amazing things, made some crazy connections. And I'm also a marketing nerd and I studied tens of thousands of hours, I listen to all my podcasts on two times the speed, I literally dream about this stuff. So I am just going to peel back and show a little bit about what I'm doing, what I'm focused on, who I'm serving, and the strategy behind it.

So for those of you that are interested in creating a brand, doing something for yourself, leaving the nine to five, making a bigger impact, this is something that I think will be very interesting for you. Let me start by explaining the general category that I'm creating in. For those of you who don't know much about this space at all, they call it info product marketing. Basically, you are selling information and that is in many different forms -- it can be online courses, it can be through a membership site, it can be through a book, it can be through a podcast, it can be through Facebook live, whatever it is. One of the main core parts of the business model has to do with selling information and getting people incredible results. And then typically what happens is that the bigger brands, what they do is they tie in info product marketing or info marketing or just this kind of marketing in general, and they tie it in with some kind of product or some kind of monthly subscription service, and that is kind of the fuel. 

So you serve people at the highest level, give them some incredible results, and then you have some kind of program that is designed to help add even more value, whether it's through software or coaching or whatever that is. I just wanted to reveal some of the stuff that I am literally starting from scratch on and I'm going to be building over these next few months and kind of talk a little bit about the stuff that I've already done and the stuff that I have planned moving forward.

So if you wanted to marry someone, you wouldn't walk up to them on a very first date and ask them to marry you, right? That would just be ridiculous. Your response rate would be pretty much zero. So what do you do when you want to marry someone? You start by talking to them. And then you ask them on a date, maybe a coffee, not dinner yet, because that's too much of a commitment, maybe a coffee, something small. Then you ascend the relationship up eventually to the point where you're dating and then you ask them to become your fiance and then you eventually marry them. And so that is the ascension process of developing your relationship. 

The same thing goes with building relationships with people online when you're creating your personal brand or whatever the business that you're looking to create. I'm not going to sit and ask someone to buy my stuff unless I have created some form of value for them. There's this concept called the value ladder, and it talks about how you can go from developing a trust and relationship with somebody, and slowly, as you add more and more value, they understand that there's value and they're willing to pay for more and more information. It begins with the foundational stuff at the very bottom, which is where you're creating free content. That is what I'm doing right now. I'm going to be creating other content on other platforms eventually and creating this ecosystem around serving people and adding a ton of value. Then what happens is, every once in a while, there will be an opportunity for somebody to raise their hand and say, "I love this stuff. I want to hear more about it. I'm willing to pay a little bit for it."

So that is where I explained, for those of you who watched the other ones, I am building out this thing right now called the Magic Connection Method, because I believe that you are one connection away from anything that you want in life. And people need to learn how to connect with people more effectively. I talked about this in the last Facebook Live I did, but there's something called the 7-38-55 rule, and the 7-38-55 rule states that when it comes to communicating emotions and communicating in general, only seven percent of what is communicated is the written word. Thirty eight percent is tonality and fifty five percent is body language. 

So in today's world, that is increasing in the amount of online communication that we do, we are literally losing out on the majority of what people understand communication to be. You don't have tonality and you don't have body language when you're writing. You can only rely on that seven percent, which is your written communication. So how can you connect with people in a way that motivates them and gets them inspired to want to move forward with what you want to do in your life?

Unless you study this stuff, unfortunately, you're probably repelling people from actually getting them to help you with what you actually want to accomplish. That's why I think this is so important. So this is the first thing I created because I know the people I want to serve understand the value of relationships and are looking at creating more relationships in their life and strengthening relationships that they already have. For anybody that is sending any message on any platform anywhere, this will help them or you when you grab this to help you to have more effective communication and help you to connect with incredible people in your life.

So that is what I created here. This will be for $7. And I'll be putting the links up to this soon once I'm done with it, I'm very excited for it (update: since this video was filmed, I've released the book). But again, that is where you're watching these Facebook lives, I'm creating a ton of value and I'm going to be doing this every single day, and eventually, if I'm serving you properly, you're going to be like, "OK, there's some more that I want to learn more about this."

And maybe the first step is the Magic Connection Method. I don't know. I'm going to be creating more stuff, I'm going to be exploring. Maybe this won't work, maybe it will work, maybe it's what people want, maybe it's not. But I'm sitting here creating content, listening to the feedback that I'm going to be gathering, distributing this on multiple platforms, and understanding what my audience needs and how I can serve them at the highest level possible.

What happens then is once you get this $7 product, I have some supplementary products that will help people get even more value. So lots of marketing is only doing one thing at a time. It's like a game of chess. You wouldn't tell your opponent the next five moves you're going to make. That'd just be ridiculous. You'd be a terrible chess player. You can only make one move at a time. In marketing, it's the same thing. Every message is designed to do basically one thing. If you have too many call to actions, it's just going to confuse people. They're not going to want to do anything else.

So, you know, once they take action on the Magic Connection Method, I have a special opportunity. I've sent literally over 10 million emails, I haven't counted every single one, but I managed an email list with over 100,000, at its peak 200,000 people. So what have I learned from writing more effective email messages? How do I get people to take action? 

One of the things I discovered, not from managing the email list, but from reaching out to other people that helped me to develop this thing to begin with, is what I realized, and this is kind of mind boggling, I ran some stats on some recent emails that I sent out, and it turns out that seventy nine percent of the responses that happen as a result of a cold outreach do not happen because of the first email. Let that sink in a little bit. If I'd only sent the first email, I would have missed out on seventy nine percent of the opportunities that I had. So the results I was able to get, the other 80 percent of people that responded, responded because of the follow up emails, not the initial email.

So that's that's the next plan here. I'm going to create the Magic Connection Method, $7. You'll learn how to connect with incredible people. But then I say to you, "hey, if you are interested, if you're really serious about this, the next most valuable thing that you can have is learning how to follow up effectivly because if you're only sending one of these messages at a time, you're missing out on the majority of the opportunity." So for a certain dollar amount, you can grab these follow up templates that I have personally used to follow up with people and get four times more results than earlier. So that's the first thing. And if you're the right person, if you're my target market that I'm looking to serve, that makes one percent sense. Now you know how to connect with people, now you need to learn how to follow up more effectively.

Then there's another opportunity to continue to develop the relationship where I say, "OK, now you know how to write the emails yourself, right? What if I wrote the emails for you?" So that's another opportunity. I could continue to serve people at a higher level and the more value I give, the more value I should receive in exchange, like a transaction for I give you more value, you give me more money.

And so that's the next thing. I offer people an opportunity for me to write the emails for you based on my knowledge and what I've done managing an email list, of getting people to take action, of reaching out to people myself, of following up what have I learned. What if I just created something, I call them "Automatic Emails". What if I gave you the emails that I have used to reach out to these people? How cool would that be?

So that's how I'm developing the relationship. Maybe I'll share a little bit more about how I'm doing this. But again, that's marketing 101, is developing relationships with people, adding value, getting them to raise their hands, and the people that are raising their hands and saying, "yes, I want to learn more about this," I want to continue the conversation and serve at a higher level. So that is just a little bit more information on how that works. 

Now, obviously, I'm not going to build out a huge brand from selling something that is seven dollars. That's not how it's all designed. So eventually what has to happen is I need to develop that relationship a little bit more and create other parts of the ecosystem. So I have an online course that I'm eventually going to be selling. I already have it out, that was the course that when I launched it, we made $44,738 in one week when we launched it. Now I'm building out the machine that will continue to sell that forever.

That's the beauty of this whole business, this whole game I'm playing, is that everything that you do, it can be eventually replicated and created in different formats. Then eventually you build a whole machine that ties everything together and you're adding more value to people as time goes on, one hundred percent automatically, with no extra work on my part.

So that is when we talk about creating passive income, is because you have systems in place that allow you to serve people at a high level and then also continue to build out a ecosystem of products that will eventually fuel a seven figure and beyond business. And eventually, I don't want to go too in-depth with this, but, I just want give a surface-level taste of what this is. For those of you who are interested in making impact, leaving the nine to five, creating a business of your own, these are just some interesting things I want to share with you. 

So the idea is eventually I will be creating the Magic Connection Method. I'll be using this for free or paid traffic. I'll be spending money out of my own pocket to talk to people that have never heard of me before, not even on these Facebook lives, to eventually invest in the Magic Connection Method.

And the thing is, is I have to pay Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, to show people these ads, and the goal of that whole process -- getting them to raise their hands, say, yes, I'll take it for $7 and yes, I want the next thing -- is to eventually break even and and acquire a customer. If I do it right, if I serve people at the highest level, they say, yes, this is interesting to me, they will buy the other products that I have available because of this, and then I will acquire a customer for free, if not make a little bit more revenue. And then anything else, as long as I'm continuing to add value, again this is always adding value I'm not sitting here spamming people, I'm creating an enormous amount of value, serving them, learning what they want, making an impact on them, listening to them, talking to them. And then as I do this, they will eventually buy other things from me if I continue to add value. 

It's the same thing anywhere. It's the same thing online. Maybe you are an Apple fan. They've developed a relationship with you through great products and you will continue to buy things as they create more value for you. That's how it works online as well. It's no different. So eventually I'll break even with this thing or other products like this and then continue to ascend the relationship and maybe add some coaching, maybe add some memberships, and all that other good stuff.

So that's a little bit more about how this works. And then I also wanted to talk a little bit more about the excitement of the community I'm building. Part of it is I'm creating content here on my page for free on Facebook Live. I'm also creating a group called 7-Figure Millennials for people that are interested in being impact-driven entrepreneurs, escaping the nine to five, doing some incredible things, being surrounded by other top performers, people that are excited to make a difference. So that group is called 7-Figure Millennials, and I'm starting out from scratch. And if you've been watching from the beginning, I have a link below, you can join it. It's literally not set up yet. I told you, I'm doing this as I move along, so I'll be creating all this stuff. So that is another part of the strategy, is I'm continuing to add value through a Facebook group and I want to call out the people that I want to serve. So if you're not a millennial, you're probably not going to join 7-Figure Millennials. And if you're not an impact-driven entrepreneur or somebody that wants to make an impact or create financial freedom, then maybe you don't join that group.So the group is designed to attract the people that I want to serve. And then I can continue to learn from them and sell and add value at the highest level possible.

So that is how that Facebook group is going to work, and it's going to be an incredible tight knit group of people that I'm creating content for, leveraging and learning from other people, and then other people will be creating that other content. So that is that aspect of it, as well. And let's see what other things I have on my little note here. At the end of the day, and this is something, I'll link up to this again, I'm reading Traffic Secrets, if you haven't read any of Russell Brunson's stuff, I consume Russell's stuff all the time, it's where I've learned lots of the marketing stuff I have outside of Genius Network and other places that I've been. But the goal eventually is to acquire these people and then get them on an email list, develop a relationship, and then continue to be able to communicate with them through some kind of email service. You'll notice when you sign up for the 7-Figure Millennial group, you will put your email address and I'll continue to show you and add more content to helping develop that relationship with you.

So I think that's pretty much what I wanted to share today and just give a little bit of the behind the scenes peek as to what's coming. So the Facebook group 7-Figure Millennials, launching the Magic Connection Method as soon as I finish that, have some other things on the roadmap. But I'm very, very excited for continuing to create and serve and serve and serve my face off. So that is why I'm going to be doing these Facebook lives.

That's where I'm going to be creating other ecosystems to add more value to people. And if you're finding any of this valuable, please, please let me know. I would love to help you out. Just reach out to me, DM me, comment on here, share this and I will be listening. I'm here for you. I want to serve you at the highest level possible and we'll be talking very, very soon. We'll catch you later.