Unlock The Power To "Type, Send, And Get What You Want"...

Your Messages Miiiight Be Hurting You.

Your Messages Miiiight Be
Hurting You.

(And They Are Probably Robbing You From Getting What You Want)

This New Digital Workbook Reveals How To Break The Invisible Barrier That’s Holding You Back By Making 3 Surprisingly Simple Tweaks To The Way You Communicate

Every time you send a message, you are either:
  • Attracting people so that you get more of what you want
  • ​Repelling people so that you get less of what you want
Here’s what that means:

Every time you see a blinking cursor, you have tremendous potential power.

But right now, do you know how to position your written communication to attract what you want?

Or are you — without even knowing itaccidentally repelling people from helping you get what you want?

But right now, do you know how to position your written communication to attract what you want?

Or are you — without even knowing itaccidentally repelling people from helping you get what you want?

You send messages. People read your messages.

And most importantly:

People judge you based on your messages.

And getting what you want in life depends on how people interpret and judge your messages.

It’s time to stop writing emails that suck.

Because it’s hurting you more than you know.

The Magic Connection Method will help you immediately unlock the power to type, send, and get what you want.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting
This workbook is going to be dramatically different than anything you have ever read.

Here’s why:

I believe there are too many books that leave readers wondering how specifically they should apply the techniques to get results.

That’s what makes this different.
There’s no fluff or filler. 

It immediately hits the ground running with exactly what you need to do, how to do it, and why.

Plus, I’m giving it to you as an instant digital download so that you don’t have to wait for me to ship it to you.

And it’s easy to read.

You can read it in one sitting.

So here’s my bold promise:

With The Magic Connection Method, You’ll Immediately Unlock The Power To Type, Send, And Get What You Want.

Here’s Why The Magic Connection Method Is Like Me Handing You A Bag Of Money That Always Replenishes
Right now, there is an invisible barrier between...
  • You
  • What you want in life
And chances are that you have felt it.

There’s nothing worse than feeling “stuck” but not knowing what to do about it...

Or feeling like you don’t have control over your current situation...

But here’s the good news:

Right now, there is someone who can help you shatter that invisible barrier...

... and help you to IMMEDIATELY get what you want in life.

    The good news?

    You are only one message away from connecting with someone that can change your life.

    The bad news?

    You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

    Say something the wrong way, and you might permanently ruin that valuable person’s perception of you.

    Not good.

    But this is exactly why the Magic Connection Method is like me handing you a bag of money that always replenishes:
    • If you do feel like there is an invisible barrier between you and what you want in life...
    • And you know that there is someone out there that can help you shatter that barrier...

    ... the only thing stopping you from getting anything you want in life is knowing how to connect.

    The Magic Connection Method will show you exactly how.

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      Bonus #1 - World’s Most Connected Man Reveals His Top Strategies For Connecting With The Ultra Successful

      Joe Polish seems to know everyone. Presidents of the United States, Richard Branson, Randi Zuckerberg, Ariana Huffington, Tony Robbins, JJ Virgin, Bill Gates, Marie Forleo, Tim Ferriss, Paula Abdul... you get the idea.

      What are JOE’s top tips for connecting with people? In this backstage interview I did with Joe at a Genius Network meeting, you’ll find out...

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      Bonus #2 - The EXACT Negotiation Emails That Save Me $$$ Every Time I Send Them

      Once you understand how to write effective emails, you can (and should) use your new superpowers to negotiate!

      As a bonus, I’m giving you the 3 EXACT emails I’ve used to negotiate for things in my personal life.... For FREE.

      These 3 simple emails have saved me thousands and I want you to have them so that you can use them to negotiate for things in your life.

      Bonus #3 - LinkedIn Expert Reveals A "Hidden" Strategy To Get What You Want...

      In this bonus training, I interview Wayne Breitbarth — one of the world’s top experts on LinkedIn.

      Wayne reveals one small tweak you can use to immediately multiply your quality connections. The Magic Connection Method will give you the keys to build relationships that can open doors of opportunity for you... add this strategy on top and you’ll be flooded with even more quality connections.

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      Bonus #4 - How To Find People’s Email Addresses (Even Even If They Seem “Hidden”)

      Now that you know how to “Type, Send, and Get” there’s one small thing that might be stopping you...

      ... having the email addresses of the people you want to reach out to! 

      In this bonus training that you’ll get for FREE when you order your copy of the Magic Connection Method, I’ll show you the 2 nifty strategies I use to find people’s emails... even if they seem “Hidden”.

      Bonus #5 - How To Immediately Break The Invisible Barrier Between You & The Connections You Need

      If you want to reach out to someone that is super busy... and has a TON of more status and experience than you do... how can you actually get their attention in a meaningful way?

      In this FREE BONUS training, you’ll see how surprisingly easy it is to connect with successful people if you know how to use the “Silence Dogood Strategy”.

      Bonus #6 - How To Make Anybody Immediately Fight Over Connecting With You

      The “SPS” is one of my FAVORITE strategies that leverages outreach to make any company drool over the idea of working with you.

      Use the SPS, and companies will give you the job almost immediately, meet any salary requirements you have, and put you in a position of power on their team. 

      This bonus training is yours FREE when you claim your copy of the Magic Connection Method.

      Bonus #7 - 7 Email Hacks That Give You An Unfair Advantage

      Did you know that your email signature may be harming you?

      Did you know that you can track when people open and click on your emails?

      Did you know that you may be ruining your results just because of the email you use?

      In this FREE bonus, you’ll get 7 of my favorite “email hacks” that give you an unfair advantage over everyone else.
      That's Over $329 In Value...
      But You Can Get The Magic Connection Method For Only $7 (Here’s Why)

      I only work with winners.

      I also only work with people who take action and are willing to do what it takes to get results. 

      So because I only work with winners and action takers, I believe that I need to show up for you first.

      For that reason, I’m GIVING you my top secrets for so little because I’m going to blow you away with the content.

      I know that when you take ACTION and implement this formula, you’ll get addicted to putting rocket fuel into your growth, and do business with me for years to come.

      So to kick off our relationship strong, I wanted to give MASSIVE VALUE first and help you get some insane results.

      This way, if you decide it’s not for you, you’re out just a few minutes of your time and less than the cost of a steak burrito at Qdoba.

      But just promise me one thing:

      When you take advantage of this special offer, you’ll have the power to open the doors to opportunities you’ve only dreamed of.

      Promise me you’ll take action on it.

      I’m giving you the keys to the Ferrari. It’s up to you to drive it.

      I’ll Even Remove ALL Of The Risk For You... 
      A 30-Day, Zero-Risk Guarantee

      That’s right:

      I’m removing ALL of the risk for you. 

      If you don’t feel like the Magic Connection Formula isn’t worth at least 100x what you invested, send an email to support@brandon-fong.com within 30 days and I’ll even give you your $7 back.

      No questions asked.

      Your $7 won’t change my life one bit... but it could easily change yours.

      So the question is:

      Are You Ready To Level Up?

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      Pro Tip: One of the greatest ways to immediately 4x your results from any email is to follow-up

      My favorite “trick” is to use a “1-2 punch” follow-up strategy. The first email does all of the heavy lifting. But the first email will only work if people actually read it!

      To maximize the power of the first email, I send up to 3 more follow-up emails if they don’t reply. Makes sense, right?

      But when should you follow-up? What should you say? How can you get them to take action without being annoying?

      Right now, you can get the EXACT follow-up templates I use so that you can just “copy and paste” to get 4x more replies. Check the box above to add the email follow-up templates to your order.