Setting a Goal VS Making A Decision Goals By Themselves Are Worthless. Do This Instead.

Setting a Goal VS Making A Decision

By Brandon Fong | Self-Improvement


Here’s an incredibly bold statement:

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that goals by themselves are complete bullshit.

As a society, I believe the general public has begun to associate the word “goal” with “shit that’ll never happen”.

It’s EASY to set a goal.

It’s EASY to say what you want.

It’s EASY to write that down.

But do you know what isn’t easy?

Making a decision.

Making a decision is hard.

Yet setting a goal + making a decision is where the magic happens.

Because until you set a goal and make the decision that you’ll do EVERYTHING in your power to make it happen...

... your goal is just wishful thinking.

Most people don’t make decisions.

They write down their goal and then wonder why it doesn’t happen.

You have to decide that no matter how hard it is....

No matter how impossible it sounds...

You’ll do everything you can to actually get it done.

So the next time you set a goal, ask yourself:

Did I set a goal, or did I make a decision?

Decisions + massive action will trump goals any day.