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Short Term Goals

By Brandon Fong | Self-Improvement

Setting long term goals gets a lot of hype.

But believe it or not, short term goals are where the magic actually happens.

In this article, you will:

👉Learn how successful people use a combination of short term AND long term goals to succeed

👉Discover why most advice about short term goals might be hurting you (and what to do instead)

👉Receive 11 suggestions for short term goals that will have a massive impact on your life AND a roadmap on how to actually implement them

If you’re ready to make your biggest goals a reality, read on.

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Types of Goals

By Brandon Fong | Self-Improvement

In this post, I’m going to break down the different types of goals that you can use to achieve your craziest dreams.

You will learn:

👉The two “buckets” you need to categorize the types of goals

👉The 7 types of goals everyone needs to have

👉The 5 critical components of a goal (achieving your goals will be much harder without these!)


Let’s dive in.

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Night Routine

By Brandon Fong | Self-Improvement

Unlike morning routines, night routines don’t get as much attention because they aren’t as sexy — not many people want to have a “night routine” besides watching Netflix and going to bed.

But believe it or not, a night routine can be a productivity and health boosting secret weapon.

In this article, you’ll:

👉Discover how you can use your night routine to improve your sleep quality by using blue light blocking glasses and “cycles”

👉Learn how to use “forcing functions” in your night routine to increase your productivity the next day

👉Get actionable next steps to help you build an incredible night routine

Ready? Let’s dive in.

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What I’ve Learned In 2019

By Brandon Fong | Self-Improvement

As we close out this year, I took the time to reflect on my biggest takeaways for 2019…

… and I want to share them with you.

In this article, you will learn:

👉The top 6 habits I implemented this year that changed the game for me
👉The top 5 books I read this year (out of the 30 I read)
👉My “Focus Formula” I implemented that put my productivity on rocket fuel

I hope you find them useful and maybe will consider implementing some of my top takeaways for your 2020!

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On Doing Hard Shit

By Brandon Fong | Self-Improvement

Want to be more successful?

Do more hard shit.

I’m serious.

In this article, you’re going to learn:

👉Why the little voice in your head that tells you it’s okay to take the easy route is sabotaging your success

👉How you can use an “identity pact” to rewire your brain for success

👉How mastering “micro commitments” can lead to you making dramatic improvements in all areas of your life


Here we go.

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