99% Of The Problems You Have Can Be Solved With The Right… Immediately Increase Your Focus, Attention, And Results With This One Simple Trick

99% Of The Problems You Have Can Be Solved With The Right…

By Brandon | Self-Improvement

99% Of The Problems You Have Can Be Solved With The Right...

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it is time for my daily Facebook Live, and it is currently 9:30 p.m. It's been a long day for me, but I had to make sure that I got this out and I wanted to talk about something that is really, really important and something that has been incredibly instrumental in my growth and the success that I have been able to have so far. I'm still getting started on my journey here, but this has been something that I really want to share with people because I think it is so incredibly valuable.

I titled this "99% of the problems you have can be solved with the right ___". I'll explain what that is in a little bit, but I want to tell you a few of the stories that helped me to realize how important this has been in my life. 

I don't know how many of you have heard my full story, but I grew up on the free and reduced lunch program. It was super embarrassing for me every single day to go through that lunch checkout line and all my friends would be behind me. When it was my turn to go through the lunch checkout line, the lady would type in my number and a big zero would show up on the screen... and all my friends behind me could see that my family qualified for free and reduced lunch. It was the most embarrassing part of my day. Every single day I would hide out in the bathroom and I would try to distract my friends from seeing the fact that we qualified for free and reduced lunch.

I hated it. So for a long time, I felt powerless.

I felt like I didn't have the abilities or the resources to actually get what I wanted. And then over time, what I realized is that it was actually a blessing that I didn't have everything because what I had to do is I had to figure out how to figure things out even when I didn't have the resources. The majority of the time when I was able to figure something out, I realized, as I reflected on things over the past few months -- this has really become a lot more clear to me -- is that every single time I faced a roadblock, the majority of the time the problems that I had were solved with one single relationship.

That is why I'm so passionate about teaching people how to connect with other people, because relationships are everything. Your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, being able to connect with other people. These are all things that are just critically important. This is something I've said over and over and over again. I will not stop saying it, but there's this quote that I heard from a guy named Dan Sullivan. 

Most people think that when they have a problem, they ask themselves, how can I solve this? How can I figure this out? But rather, the question is, who has already solved this problem that can help me figure it out? Back when I was somebody with free and reduced lunch, I was trying to figure things out. I didn't have the resources, so I always asked myself, how can I figure this out or how can I connect with the right WHO to help me to get to where I want to go?

The first really pivotal time that I leveraged this in my life that became so important was in high school. In high school, I qualified to compete in this international competition, but it was like $1,500. And  I think I was a sophomore or a junior in high school and I was scooping custard -- for those of you who are not from Wisconsin, it's like ice cream, a better version of ice cream -- but I remember I was making $7.25 an hour. I remember thinking to myself, "There's no way that I'm going. It would take me weeks as a part time student, maybe even months, to make enough money to go on this trip." So instead of asking myself, my parents taught me this, instead of asking myself, "How can I work more to figure this out," I asked myself, "Who already has the power to be able to help me to figure this out?" 

So my parents ended up connecting me with somebody by the name of Brenda Campbell. She was the first person that ever helped me grow. She took me under her wing. She's the founder of a non-profit organization, and she taught me how to fundraise. If I had kept asking myself, you know, "How can I work more," I would have just had to have worked for forever. But I got introduced to Brenda and then Brenda and she taught me this very, very valuable phrase.

If you're taking notes or watching this right now, this is one of the most critical things that has helped me so much in my life. She said to me, "When you ask for money, people will give you advice. But if you ask for advice, people will give you money." That sounded super counterintuitive to me, but Brenda showed me how this was possible. So what she would do is she introduced me to a successful CEO, a business owner, and she said, "Brandon, you need to go and reach out to these people and you need to ask them for advice." So I went to them with my business plan and I said, "Hey, I am looking at competing at this international competition and I'm looking to make this business plan as perfect as possible. Would you be able to help me out?" And so they looked at this 16 year old kid, and they're like, yeah, sure, I'll help you out.

So they gave me feedback. And then after I pitched the idea to them, I would ask them, "Would you be willing to donate to help me to attend this international competition?" And what I found by doing that approach, I closed on nearly 100 percent of the people that I asked because they felt invested in me and my process and wanted to help support me to achieve my goal. 

So to put an end to that story, I was able to fundraise more than enough money in several hours, really, face-to-face time, and I was able to do that because I had the right WHO who helped connect me to the right person. So, again, the problem was all solved by having the one right relationship, and that was the first example of having the right who in my life that was able to open the doors to so many different things. 

There was another opportunity, another life changing thing that happened to me when I had the opportunity to study abroad. I wanted to study abroad, it was, again, too expensive -- because remember, going back, I didn't have that much money so I had to figure it out -- so I had to figure out the right who. So what I did is I ended up connecting with a professor at my university that helped coach me through improving the scholarship application that I had. And then I ended up making more than enough money to pay for my study abroad trip because of this application.

It wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for that one professor that taught me what the people that are reading the papers are looking for when they are going through an application. So, again, critically important to have the right WHO who can give you the insights that are necessary and help you shortcut everywhere. And then the story that I tell all the time is, when I was able to connect with Jonathan Levi, he was able to open the doors to incredible opportunities for me to be in Genius Network and connect with all these other people.

So the answer is always who, not how. And so the thing that I wanted to instill or share on this Facebook Live is that any time you can invest in building up relationship capital and finding people who are already where you want to be, and on top of that, people that are connected with other whos. If you can open up a hub of connecting with one who who knows a whole bunch of other whos eventually, no matter what problem you have, you will have the right who that can connect you to people to help you to get to where you want to go.

Relationships are 100% everything. If you're stuck, if you're feeling like you're not exactly where you want to be and you want to move to the next level of growth, instead of asking yourself, "How can I figure this out," replace that question with who can help you, who has already been there, who can help you literally shortcut years of trial and error by just connecting with that one single person? That is the secret to the next level growth.

99% of the time, the problems that you have can be solved by connecting with the right people. Hopefully that was valuable. I'll be sharing a lot more content about different strategies that you can use to connect these people. I've already shared a bunch of them, but I have so much more and I am so excited to see what you guys are going to achieve once you have the right whos in your life.

We'll talk soon.