You’re The World’s Most Important Person.

By Brandon | World Domination

Jan 17

You're The World's Most Important Person

After spending a week in Sweden, I logged into my Facebook account and saw this:

Notice anything… slightly off?

If you haven’t noticed any difference, I’ll give you a hint — look at the way the world is oriented.

As a Facebook user in the United States, you will find that the notification icon displays North and South America, compared to the orientation where I am now with the globe facing Africa and Europe.


Such a small detail, yet I believe it serves as a powerful reminder:

Everything immediately becomes more important and relevant to us the moment it becomes personalized.

In a world where everything has become automated, we are losing that delightful feeling of having a customized experience.

It’s easier to buy ads on TV or to try forcing people into buying something than it is to develop real relationships with people.

What can you do to give people you meet a VIP experience?