Your Mental Doppelgängers

By Brandon | World Domination

May 22

Your Mental Doppelgängers

While you are unique, there are many people that are similar.

The key is to distinguish yourself from those that are similar so you stand alone, on top of the pile.

Because the rest of those people that are similar to you are most likely describing themselves using characteristics that they think are unique, but aren’t.

Take, for example, these excerpts from LinkedIn summaries of several students I have encountered:

  • “An immaculately presented, articulate, and well spoken young man, who possesses a passion for excellence.”
  • “I knew from an early age that I was a leader, someone who cares for and help others achieve the best. I have been working for many years now which shows my ambition to go for what I want. I am currently attending ___________ to gain experience, knowledge and earn my bachelor's degree in __________.“
  • "My goal is to find a career in the marketing field where my leadership skills, creativity, and passion for business can be applied to increase profits and make sure the business is operating at its full potential.”
  • “I remain driven and meticulously organized in order to succeed. I would describe myself as outgoing individual who works well with others, yet remains independent and self-motivated. I am excited to expand my horizons in the field of Marketing.”

Sure. You may be well spoken. You may be a leader. You may be creative.

But apparently, so is everyone else.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to differentiate yourself both in life and online, I have some powerful examples in my book that will help you out. Or you can check out my LinkedIn profile.