Disgusting Obsession With Gambling

By Brandon | World Domination

Feb 07

Disgusting Obsession With Gambling

The standard pace is for chumps.

A deadline is a falsely imposed structure designed to tell our brains what is “realistic” or “expected.”

It encourages below average thinking and trains us to calculate a logical path to do something “on time.”

But if you want to be extraordinary, you must understand that greatness was never achieved while thinking of what is “realistic” or “expected.”

As Napoleon Hill once famously said, “goals are dreams with a deadline.”

So if you want to stop dreaming and start accomplishing, set a deadline.

If you want to stop setting deadlines and not accomplishing them, set a consequence.

Get obsessed with gambling.

As soon as something is on the line, your task occupies a different part of your brain.

You think of how to succeed within the box, while also thinking of alternatives out of the box.

You become solution oriented, instead of excuse driven.

Impose deadlines with consequences upon yourself on your terms. Not someone else's. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Write a check with an uncomfortable amount of money to a friend. Tell them that if you don’t accomplish your goal by the deadline you established, they can cash the check. (I did this right before the new year to record my audiobook).
  • Tell everyone you know about your goal and when it will be done. Create an environment where people are counting on you. (I did this for my book -- I had no idea how I was going to publish a book in 3 1/2 months while taking a full credit course load, but I set a date and told everyone about it).
  • Find a charity or cause that you absolutely despise, write a check with an uncomfortable amount of money, and tell a friend to send it to them if you don’t accomplish your goal by the deadline you established.

If you want to push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of, try cutting the original deadline in half.

Choose a timeframe that makes you squirm…Nobody said you had to conform to the status quo.

Make exceptional your new average, and develop a disgusting obsession with gambling.