Overnight Success

By Brandon | World Domination

Apr 11

Overnight Success

We live in a distorted reality.

With scrolling feeds brimming with articles of people creating multi-million dollar businesses, status updates of successful friends, and pictures of people "living the life," it's difficult to see through the clutter of the online world.

What pops up to the surface is not a representative sample of what is truly going on.

Last week I participated in an entrepreneurship challenge in Sweden, and my team ended up taking 1st place out of the ~108 students that competed:

I bring this up not to brag, but to let you know that seeing pictures like this is exactly what I'm talking about.

What my Facebook friends didn't hear about was when I went up in front of a room full of people, forgot my pitch and awkwardly stood there until the time expired.

Just kidding, I've actually done that twice...

They also probably didn't hear about how my first startup company epically failed, the times I got my ass kicked in a wrestling match when my team was depending on me, or the handful of other business competitions where I didn't even come close to placing.

If you let yourself "compare and despair," you're doing nothing but hurting yourself.

Your effort would be much better allocated if you chose to focus on becoming better than you were the day before.

Keep doing that every day, and eventually you will become an "overnight success."