Believing in the Opposite

By Brandon | World Domination

Jul 11

Believing in the Opposite

Nobody has any issue understanding that our lives can easily take a sudden turn for the worst.

The house can catch on fire, we can lose our jobs, or the car can stop working.

But the opposite... the fact that in one single moment, our entire lives can turn around for the better​ is harder to wrap our brains around.

Why is that?

Perhaps it is because when we see the bad thing happen, all we think about is the end result​. We forget that bad stuff rarely happens out of nowhere.

The car didn't decide to just stop working. Chances are that the car began to have problems awhile ago, and it accumulated into a single moment where it stopped working.

Small mistakes, made consistently over time = bad shit happens.

But the same thing is true with the opposite.

Small wins, made consistently over time = good shit happens​.

So if we want more good to happen, we need to believe in the opposite and understand that nothing "bad" or "good" happens without consistency.