19 Unfair Words and a Warning

By Brandon | World Domination

Apr 04

19 Unfair Words and a Warning

Last week I got this text message:

I thought it would be fun to dissect this because the person who wrote these 19 words knows what they are doing.

  1. A senior at UWW...
    I’m currently a Junior, almost a Senior. So however this app got my number, they know my approximate age and what school I go to (UWW).

    This makes the message specific to me. Anything personalized makes you pay attention
  2. ....thinks you're cute…
    No matter how hard you try, it’s innately human to care about what others think of us. The visceral feelings you get put you on automatic pilot.
  3. .… & invited you to Friendsy to reveal their identity.
    The word “invite” indicates exclusivity. The words “reveal their identity” elicits curiosity.
    Time sensitive offers encourage people to take action. Using midnight as the time constraint emphasizes urgency, without being too pushy or spammy.

Just beware of all the distraction going on around you.

Services like this (also including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat…) all rely on your addiction and compliance to social conformity to make money.

Distraction is their revenue stream.Short story shorter, I didn’t download the app.

But if you want to find out which senior from UWW thinks I’m cute, feel free to try using the URL above to see if the link actually expired.